Can the lower environments be on different SQL server versions than prod environment
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We like to move from SQL Server 16 to  SQL Server 19 first on lower environments and at a later point in future we like to move the Prod to SQL Server 2019 as it is risky to touch the prod environment due to many reasons.

Until we migrate the Prod, is it possible to still continue do prod fixes using the lower environments which uses SQL Server 2019.

I am hoping LifeTime will not give errors because of the database version difference.

Thank you for taking time to answer this.


Hello Ramesh,

Hope you're doing well.

This is a very interesting question.

As far as I know (we had a similar scenario in our factory - 2017 vs 2019), there is no problem at all on doing that.

You should be able to continue migrating code to other environments, even if they are running in a lower version of SQL Server (in this case 2016).

Anyway, I'd suggest that you do this firstly in DEV and try to do some deployments to UAT (LifeTime shouldn't give you any errors because of this).

Also, you may ask to your DBA what is his opinion about this matter.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui,

Thank you for taking time to answer, yes I was planning to do the test between DEV and STAGE, but we are in the planning stage and wanted to make sure before even we upgrade the Dev if someone experienced this scenario.

I will also open a ticket with customer support to get a firm answer that I won't have any issues.



Hello again Ramesh,

I totally understand that. Like I told you, there are no expected issues with that scenario :)

But I would do the same and contact OutSystems to get a solid answer.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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