integration studio will not start

I am not able to start Integration Studio (5.1). The process shows up as running, but nothing happens, no splash screen or anything. I've installed it a few times, both the full installation and the standalone installation. Service Studio runs fine. This is the error message I'm getting in the event viewer:

Error sending log: System.InvalidOperationException: Message Queuing has not been installed on this computer.
at System.Messaging.Interop.SafeNativeMethods.MQPathNameToFormatName
Looks like MSMQ is not installed in your machine. Install it by following below steps

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click Add/Remove programs
3. Click Add/Remove windows components
4. Check Message Queuing check box
5. Click Next

Let it install properly. Go to Micorosft management console by right clicking My Computer and Manage. Expand Services and Applications. You should see Message Queuing. If yes its installed.
Thanks Joost.
I've installed Message Queing, and verified that it is now running. 
Unfortunately, I still can't get the Integration Studio to start.
I'm no longer getting any errors in the event viewer.
Just nothing happens when I try to start, except the process starts, but not the application.
Hi Paul, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

My recommendation for this specific scenario is for you to send an e-mail to our support department, at and explain this behavior to them.

They're better equipped to troubleshoot this kind of situation, namely getting specific system logs if necessary, and they can get back to you directly.

Do let us know if you make any advances on this in the meanwhile.


Paulo Tavares