Image from database not shown in traditional web


I'm facing a wierd issue trying to show an image from database to a traditional web but it's not working, the query returns the image successfully, and the image is shown in reactive web with no issue. It was working fine until a week ago and suddenly stopped working so my findings are following:

  • Query returns the image binary successfully
  • Tried to create new traditional web but getting same results
  • In Reactive web the image is shown correctly
  • getting this result weather i'm printing the page to pdf or open it in browser
  • No cache is chosen for image properties
  • if an image is static and not from data base it works just fine

Any idea what might be causing the problem?


Hello @Abeer elAssal,

Interesting that it was working before and now it does not.

All I can suggest is the following approach to display images in general. For e.g.:

"data:image/gif;base64," + BinaryToBase64(EmployeeTable.List.Current.Sample_Employee.Picture)

Hope that works for you,



It works! thanks for helping!

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