Form validation logic after an assign?


New to Outsystems and just following the react path. I'm a little confused re the logic flow when an if statement results in false and the flow moves to assign (see below)

My question is.  Why does the assign still result in a secondary check? In the same way as if the result of the if was true? Why would there not be an end node off the assign?

Hi John,

This pattern allows for multiple validations being checked, and the final form.valid check will be false if any of the fields has been found to be invalid.

For uniformities sake, I would leave it like this, even if there is only one check to be done.


Hi Dorine,

Thanks for the reply, it's a case of getting used to the best way to draw things. This above pattern wasn't instinctive to me, which is why I questioned it. 

The first thought I had was to have an end node after the assign or alternatively have a loop back to the first logic test from the assign.  I was thinking more along the lines of an edge case so the second check seemed unnecessary. 

Thanks for clarifying though.


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