How do you concat to an advance Query ?

So basically I need to call a stored procedure for an upcascade delete

I have to expand inline elements showed above ,

The thing is when I try to call this advance query in an api call I get an error

Also I have to build safe in clause which causes an issue i.e 


How can we solve this to achieve this query or something similar

EXEC uspCascadeDelete 
@ParentTableId = 'DBO.OSUSR_2QX_DCD_Individual', 
@WhereClause = 'OSUSR_2QX_DCD_Individual.EMIRATESID in ('13','14')',  
@ExecuteDelete = 'Y'  
select @return

Even this doesn't work because of the single quotes. I need something similar and i'm all out of ideas

Hi Craig,

is EmiratesID a text data type attribute?



Hi Craig Rodrigues

You need to escape the single quotation.Convert to 2 single quotes.

Kind Regards

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