Can't delete large amount of data


Is there a way to delete  huge data?I  tried to delete  DBCleaner and DBCleanerOnSteriods. It's take to long and didn't delete the data.Can anyone help me please?



What error does DBCleaner give? Maybe you must check Service Center to find it.

You can also create your own delete flow to remove sent e-mails. The mails are stored using System Entities. You can reference them and use them in you code.

Sir Got Error Execute Query from DBCleaner.

As Carlo states, it's probably a timeout issue. Try to delete less data, or create your own timer action using best practices to prevent the timeout from happening.

Hi Phyo, I think you should try to delete litle by litle by reduce the period from 16 Months to, for example, 1 month.

Hi Phyo,

You are getting a timeout as the amount of data you are huge, as you are using a component to delete the data, try to reduce the amount of data you try to delete, and do it often so you dont have a big chunk of data to delete. 

Or try to replicate the query on a timer using some logic to the identify if is close to the timeout and call it the timer again.

Check this pattern below and this link 

Hope I could help you


Carlos Lessa

Thanks sir

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