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I wanted to auto complete the search bar using a session variable.

This is the example bellow. Can you please help me with an OML.

I have attached the oml 

there is one WebBlock for search ,which I have applied on the employee screen

 I want to use ths web block in another module


Hi Sarah,

Did you try to use an autocomplete component from Forge?

I noticed that you are refreshing the list after typing the text, so if you want an input with autocomplete you need to change this refresh to be after the user type/click the selection of the autocomplete.

Hope I could help you.


Carlos Lessa


This forge component is not working .Can you just check the oml which I have given above

Hi Sarah,

You have your table inside the component of search, you should remove it and place after the component,

you also have your list without any expression to should the filtered names, the expression is outside

try do do like in the pic below

check if this what you looking for

I attached the oml bellow, check if will work for you

Best regards

Carlos Lessa


Thanks a lot for the solution.It is really helpful

Good I could help you.

If my answer solved your question, please mark as solution, this way other with similar questions can find it.

good code


Carlos Lessa

Hi Sarah,

As per your example, what I understand is, You don't wanna click on search button, whenever a user will type something on search box, search feature should be auto trigger. This same feature you want to apply on your OML? It can't be done on your way as you are trying. Let me know if Carlos solved your problem else I will try.



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