How to Select All Check Box Record On Select All Action in Table Records
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HI OS Community.

I want to perform "Select All" Action to check all check boxes Table Record i dont want to use rich widget list_bulkSelect or Forge Component i am able to pass value in table but not able to tick select type on UI.

Hi Apoorv,

to have all the boxes checked, you can create an action on the Select All checbox with a For Each on the Source Record List of the table and assign the value True to the attribute assigned to the checkbox. Refresh the table after it.


Hi @José Gonçalves yes it's work is there any another way to do it i am also do it before with that logic.

can we get from table widget instead of aggregate in for each loop ??

I'm not sure if changing in the table widget will work because with the refresh it may read again from the aggregate, but try it.

I can't think of any other way to do it. Maybe with javascript.

Thankyou for your suggestion i will mark your answer as suggestion but i will try another way to do it for aggregate it's a right answer.

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