Error: Couldn't install the Cordova plugin cordova-plugin-zeep.
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So i am downloading multiple files at the same time, now i want to save them in a specific folder in my tablet 

Some on told me that i may need to zip them, i am trying with mobile zip but i got this error

Error: Couldn't install the Cordova plugin cordova-plugin-zeep.

By the way i am new in outsystems,




Can you Specify:

  • Which Repository or Forge Component you are using?
  • Does the Error come while generating apk [ ios/Android or Both ]?
  • Which MABS Version you are using?
  • Would be easier for folks to help; if you can attach build logs; you can find it on ServiceCenter on your Application.
  • If you had provided the plugin as a zip from Resource; then make sure you had set the correct configuration in Extensibility-Configurations.
  • Lastly, make sure to test with a New Build Installed on the Device.

- Hope it helps,



  1. File Plugin
  2. No only when i try to run an client action to save the files
  3. Mabs Verion 7.1 



- Either you are using an old build; Better UnInstall Old Build then Regenerate & Install Fresh Build.

- And make sure you are not testing same on Simulator.


So it still with the same error and i checked the file plugin its working

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