Database Connection Errors
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.15 (Build 48647)

I previously posted a question about external database connections, which was not resolved.

I have received more information on the issues.

I am hosting a database with a hosting company. They have given me their connection string for the database, which is:

mysql -upotromfnub -pKonDb1FULLPotron potron_db1


-u = user name

-p = password

-h = host name

(lastly) database name

Server name translates to IP address

When I create the database connection in Service Center, it will not connect. I changed to the "advanced" configuration option and after entering the information, I get an error - "Connection String test failed: Connection option 'server' is duplicated."  (see attached)  

At the bottom of the attached screen shot the connection string created by OutSystems is shown, which is in a different format as the hosting company's required format as shown above.

I would appreciate any insight into this problem.



Hello @Leon Holmes,

I am not sure why you get the error because FYI I was able  to connect successfully using the connection string you provided. Screenshot below.

I would suggest you change your password after the issue is resolved on your end.



Thank you AJ.  I am very pleased that you were able to connect.

Please can you show me your screenshot to the very bottom of the screen so I can see what you entered as Connection String Parameters.

Thank you


The server and database values are separated by a semi colon, which I could not make out clearly in your screenshot. Connection string:;database=potron_db1


This is exactly the way I entered it. So the configuration as per your screen shot is identical to mine. Yet, mine will not connect.  Is there anything I should do in addition before clicking the Test Connection button?

I am still getting the following error:

Connection String test failed: Connection option 'server' is duplicated.

Hello @Leon Holmes 

So yesterday prior to my previous post, I was unable to reproduce the error you encounter but failed. There was not much help from online research either. 

This is certainly a doozy! If I think of anything, I will keep you posted. At this point I would suggest reaching out to OutSystems Support.



Hi Leon,

Can it be the case that it still holds the info you put in the 'server'-field while filling the Basic Configuration and that it tries to add this value to the Connection String Parameters you put in the Advanced Configuration?

BTW, I can also connect using the Basic Configuration.


Hi Lennart, thank you for your response.

I have deleted the connection and started again. I created a connection using the basic configuration only and I get the following error:

Connection String test failed: No available server found.

I then created a connection using the advanced configuration (without the basic configuration details) and I get the following error:

Connection String test failed: Connection option 'server' is duplicated.

Is it perhaps that this feature (connecting to external databases) is not available to customers using the "free" option?

Alternatively, should I be doing anything before clicking the Test Connection button?



I've also tested it with my free account. Tried it again. Just filled your details in the Basic Configuration:

'No available server found' sounds like there is a connection, but there is no room for your connection.
Is there a limit of connections per IP-address (per period)?


I am not aware of any limits.  I have searched in Service Center and cannot find anything that even alludes to it.

Any idea who could help me?


Hi Leon,

A @AJ. states, you can contact OutSystems support for this. Apart from that you can check with your MySQL Db provider if there's any limit or other issue.


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