show value in dropdown list from input field
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I'm working on a scenario where I need to show the number in dropdown list. The numbers I'm saving into an integer format from an input field. 

Here is the flow like I'm saving some integer number in DB (AB) entity attribute (xyz) and show into the front end but in case of mobile application I have a dropdown where I need to show the list of number whatever present into that input field.

for example I have 15 (integer value) store in input field in reactive app and In mobile app I want a dropdown-list from 1-15 number based on the selected value.

Please refer the image for the reference.

In mobile app currently I'm getting only 1,2,3 in the dropdown. 


Hi Prince,

you need a local variable counter = 0 and use the following logic:

While the counter doesn't pass the value from the db (i.e. 15), it will add a record in the list.

Thanks Jose, It really helped me out. :)

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