Use my second DB instance

Hi !

Some days ago i deployed my production environment, so i have three instances in one server.

So, i want to use my non-production DB instance for development environmet porpuses, how can i add my production DB instance just for the production environment instance ??

Hope you can help me.


Hi jose,

Sorry if I misunderstanding your question.

I don't think you can have three instances in one server. Also the db will be independant per each enviroment.



As the picture shows you have 3 servers.

Two of them are non production servers, and the first one should be used as development environment. The second one as QA environment.

Both non production servers use one shared database server as the lifetime shows. 

The production environment has its own database server.

Hi Jose,

I think you should have 3 servers, and every one has its own environment. 

This means you can use the configuration tool to config the db connections on every server for  their enironment.

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