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There is any easy way to change the text of the pagination component?

For example, change the text items to books. "1 to 10 of 15 books"


The only way I know is to clone the component from OutSystems and you do the changes you want because that item is an expression.

Or you can use javascript to find the expression that has items and change it, but it's not the best approach, a lot of work just to change a word. What was a good idea to add is having the ability to change that. And it might be a good idea.

If there is any other solution I would like to know too :)

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I cloned that component more than once adding new features, it's totally fine.

Thanks Márcio. 

I would like to solve it without clone the component

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expanding on the idea of Marcio about javascript, see attached oml.

I created a reusable block, with a placeholder to put the navigation widget in, and an input parameter for the word that should be used instead of items.

So, the javascript is very brittle, but someone with javascript knowledge could make this more robust, it is just a POC.

This only needs to be made once, and can be used on any screen where you want something else than 'items', just drop your navigation widget inside the block's placeholder and put the desired text in the input.



Thanks, Dorine for your contribution.

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