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I need my app allows offline Register the user and redirect to login after registration. I store the data entered by user in Registration form in local entity and . After hitting login button I check whether user is online or offline by


While login I retrieve data from local aggregate and check credentials against it. Which works perfectly fine till it reaches SyncOnLogin. There it throws communication error at the end.  

PS- I have set all assigns in OfflineDataSyncConfiguration as false

Not sure where am I wrong. Request you to help 


You cannot login without an internet connection, the OutSystems user login is validates on the server. Once logged in, a user stays logged in even if your app is offline, until the user logs out.

So how you validate with data in local storage? How did the data get there in the first place? Wasn't a connection required and a successful login?

Actually, you cant login offline, as the user login validation login is done on the server(include sessions and cookies), so when you login offline, then trigger the event SyncOnLogin, the server cant identify who you are, because you didnt login on server. then the logic left will all be got error. 

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