Timer execution Error

Hey guys, I'm getting the following error when Executing the Timer:

*Timer xxx reached maximum number of retries (1) [Calculating next run] 

* 2021-09-15 09:33:3720Timer xxx  error (inside action 'xxx'). Timer duration = 553 secs:Error closing the transaction to the database [retry 1 of 1 scheduled]

*Timer 'xxx' Running Since Date changed unexpectedly. Expected '2021-09-15 09:24:24' but was '1900-01-01 00:00:00'. 

any ideas how to resolve this.?



Did you debug the timer where says it has an error: Timer xxx  error (inside action 'xxx')  to discover where and why the error occurs?


Carlos Lessa

Hi ,

Yes @Carlos Lessa , In that timer I have written a logic fetching the Data from External DB and  Creates that Data into the Local entity. In My external DB I  have 6 Lack data, 4 Lack Data Creates Successfully in Local Entity. remaining Datas are not Created, After that it will throw above mentioned Error In Timer Log ,and also Whole Data Deleted in Local Entity



Did you check the Service Centers->Monitoring->Error tab? Is there has error related to the timer?


Hi ,

Yes , I have checked the TimerLog , This Error related to the timer.In TimerError Log  Clearly Mention the TimerName. So Above Mentioned Error Related that Timer.


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