Carousel - Show other items faded out
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I want to use the carousel widget in an application. My data for the carousel list is coming from a table that holds an Id, name and binary data for the image. 

I want the carousel to show the other images (the one before and the one after the current image) as well but a bit faded out and in the background. Something like this: 

Or this: 

Is it possible to do this within OutSystems and is the Carousel the right widget to do so?



Hello there, can you share where you found that carrousel?

This is not possible I think, just if you change the component and make  your own customization

Kind Regards,


Hi Marcio,

If you mean the images, I just Googled them for reverence. I am using the standard OutSystems Carousel widget from the toolbox. 

I could try to make something custom but due to limited time it would best if something just existed ;) 

Thanks for your reply!

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