[Factory Configuration] Unable to set 5GB value to 'maxAllowedContentLength' attribute of FactoryConfig.
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I am trying to implement larger file uploads. On forum discussions, I came across 'Factory Configuration' forge component. As per the instructions , I did created a new configuration to allow upload upto 2GB files and it worked.

Now I'm trying set configuration to allow files upto 5GB. I did updated the below XML to allow 5GB files, created a configuration and associated with the required espace. After association, I did published the escape and it errored saying '5368709120' (5gb in bytes provided to 'maxAllowedContentLength' attribute) is not a unsigned long integer value. 

Please suggest me on how to update the XML to allow files upto 5gb content.

Below is the link I followed to created new configuration.

How To Upload "Big Files" using Factory Configuration | OutSystems

XML is attched.


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