Hi guys,

I am having an table which is going out of screen becoz of more number of cols in it .

Then how to make it fit to screen 

and how to add scroll bar to a table ......

send .oml if possible

Hi Rohan,

You have simple fix:

width: 1200px;
overflow-x: scroll;

width - max width of the table from which point the scroll will take effect.

overflow-x - what will the app do when the table is over the max x. (scroll so you have the scroll showing at all times, auto so outsystems manages it automatically, hidden so the scroll never shows)

You can either put this into the style property of your table, OR create this class in the style sheet of your screen and select the class "ScrollContainer" in the Styles tab of the table under Style Classes.

Sorry I have no oml for you Rohan, but I hope this is enough! Let me know if you try this and if you do how it goes :)


Hi @Rohan Roy,

In addition to Luis, I have attached the sample oml for you.

It's pretty simple to add the scroll bar in your table widget, wrap your table widget inside a container and add inbuilt class "horizontal-scroll".

Hope this helps,


Manish Jawla



Please check the attacted oml file. You just have to add a css on the container of table ie.

overflow-x: auto;


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