Disabling Screen using Client Action

Hello. I have a question. Can we disable a screen using a client action after the clicking on a button? How do we do that? 


Hi Viknesh,

What do you mean by disabling screen? Do you mean disabling link to a screen? 

Few more details about your requirement will help us understand your question better before we suggest you any solution.

Hi @viknesh Krishnan ,

I'm not sure to fully understand yours question. However, for disable a form (input fields) you can use a local variable such as IsClicked, in UI you can use IF widget for edit form and view form. When click button just need to set IsClicked to True.

If you want to disable the button after click you can try this Button Loading.

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Do you mean to have an overlay of the entire screen when a button is pressed, that would disable effectively interaction with the screen?

You could check out how this is done in this forge component:


It is a mobile example but it probably will work for reactive too.




Just want to understand what does disable the screen mean? disable the button? put an overlay on the screen to disable the operation on the screen? 

If you want to disable the buttons or links, just use a variable to switch its enable attribute. If you want to put an overlay on the screen, you may need a forge or some js and css.

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