[Advanced Excel] Getting "#NAME?" as value while reading cell from excel using Cell_Read function
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I am trying to convert a number by passing an excel inbuilt function, But when I read value of the cell, it gives me "#NAME?" instead of the value.

Step1: Writing number in excel using Cell write

Step2: Writing formula in excel using Cell write

Step3: Use Worksheet_calculate to calulate the formula

Step4: Read cell using Cell_Read

and it is returning me "#NAME?" instead of text.

What Can I do to fix this?


#NAME? means that Excel doesn't recognize the name of the formula. It might be that BAHTTEXT is not supported by the C# component that Advanced Excel uses. What happens when you download the Excel after step 2? Does Excel recognize the formula?

Hi Kilian,

I would like to share 2 scenarios for excel download.

A. Download Excel after step 2:

formula was showing but cell was empty. When I click on enable editing in excel, it calculate the formula and showed correct value

B. Download Excel after Step 3:

In this case before enable editing, it was showing #NAME? and after enable editing, It is showing correct values.

So for both scenarios, after enable editing, it is showing values. If there any chance do we have any option to make excel enable editing "true" by default.


Avishi Aggarwal

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