Hey, Windows BETA users: This reminder is for YOU!

On July 29th, with the launch of a new Service Studio for MAC, the windows Service Studio Beta channel started to use the brand new modern, and visually sophisticated Service Studio too.

This new version brought a beautifully redesigned user interface, improved interactions, and themes - including a dark mode. It also included new text editors with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, find and replace, line numbering, and support for ES6.

What has happened to the windows Service Studio Beta channel that you used to know?

  • It has been discontinued. The latter version is still usable, but you are no longer making the most out of it as we stopped evolving it.

Are you still using an old Service Studio Beta version? Here’s the call to action:

  • Be up to date again and start today using this brand new version by downloading the new Service Studio Beta here.

    • There are some feature differences between this new version and the Service Studio Stable so be sure to check the documentation here.

  • Or, use the latest Stable version if you need to use a missing capability.

We will continue to evolve the Beta feature set over the coming months. So as always, we’re hoping to count on your feedback to help us continue evolving the product together.

Thank you so much! Have a great weekend,


The dark mode is awesome, i love it.


Great news. I'll try it  soon, and giva an feedback 

Hi Ângela,

I have been using this version for some time now and I noticed that the update schedule has changed a lot since EAP. In EAP the tool got an update at least once a week but now it seems to be a once a month schedule. Is that what can be expected for the Beta version of is this due to the holidays?

Never the less, I like it a lot. I just hope that the tool will become a bit more adjustable for personal preferences. For example, creating custom hotkeys, adjusting the grid format and more. 



Hi, Vincent! Thank you so much for your comment and feedback.

The new Service Studio beta for windows has been being updated with a new version on a weekly basis. Can you please confirm you're using the correct version?

As the Service Studio EAP version isn't being upgraded since the program ended, users need to download the Beta version from the website.

Kind regards,


Hi Ângela,

I'm sure that I'm running the latest version if I can believe the Beta patchnotes, I'm running 11.50.12 at the momen: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Release_Notes/11/Cross-platform_Service_Studio

And here you can also see the update schedule is. The last update was 15 sep. The one before 16 aug and the one before that 9 aug. But it is good to know that the build should be updated each week.

Thank you for the conformation. 


Thank you for sharing this information. I will download it soon and provide the feedback.

Great! Thanks for sharing ! I will download and provide my views soon.

Thanks for sharing. I thought its pointing to Windows 11 Beta user, haha

:-) "Windows" Beta user.

Great! Thanks for sharing!

Nice! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing this information

Great! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing  


Good to know..Thanks!

Relevant information!Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!


I even used the BETA version but the project I was working on was in Traditional Web and I noticed that I didn't have the Interface feature available. 

I started a project in Reactive and will test again.


I like the new version, there is just some small things that I preferred the old version.

The dark mode is good, but shoud show how the pages would appear to. We have a dark mode with a blank page to edit end preview the app...

Thanks for sharing!

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