Reactive LightBox problem


I'm facing a very strange issue after using the LightBox Image widget in one of my Reactive screens. It seems whenever I navigate back from the screen that has the lightbox in it the HTML of my page gets updated with some strange containers at the end.

Has anyone ever encountered this? It might be an issue of the widget not refreshing/destroying its state properly. Below are the containers that are added whenever I make this navigation front and back between my screens.

And here is what is being added in the UI (below the footer):



I looked up the class, which has the pswp suffix. Turns out it is a JS plugin called PhotoSwipe.

Could it be you have plugins in your browser that transform carousels or lightboxes?

Well I also looked up that specific class and saw PhotoSwipe, but I assume because I'm using LightBox in one screen, some debris remain when navigating to another screen...

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