[MSWordUtils] Creating a table using MSWordUtil
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This is my first time using this forge component. I am trying to create a table in a word document that looks something like this. The table should have 3 columns and 15 rows with the second row merged across the three columns. It should also be centered on a page (landscape orientation). 

I see there is a server action, MSWord_CreateDocument. Does this create a brand new document? I am trying to create a new document that is titled PrepListing_[Today's Date]. 

Is it possible to these things using the component? Any guidance or help would be appreciated.


Hello @Tenisha Lovell,

There is a demo that you could download for MsWordUtils which is quite useful. 

Once you download it and launch it you will see several examples of usage.

The 'Add a Table' would be of immediate interest to you but additionally the 'Generate From Template' example might be of interest to you as well, whereby you can create a Table Template and then populate cells dynamically.

The component's server actions will work in Reactive apps, the only difference is that you will need to return the binary content back to a client action and download it in the client action. 

I have attached a demo with static data just to give you an idea. When you execute it, you will get a word doc that looks like this:

Hope this helps a bit, 




Thank you so much! This was a huge help to me.

Hi Tenisha,

Thanks for your message.

The library is reasonably limited.  It is intended for creating basic Microsoft Word documents.  The library will not center the merged cells or center text in a table.  However creating a table with some of the rows with merged cells will work.

I refer you to read through the documentation MSWordUtils - Documentation | OutSystems 

Also check out the sample code in the demo application.

If there is any further functionality required, you might need another component that provides more complete functionality.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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