Why we use BPT over Server Actions?

Any particular reason why we use BPT over Server Actions?

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Hi Abhinav Shilwant

I don't undernstand your questions. BPT and Server Actions are very different concept. Also their use case are different. You can't simply compare thease.

Please maek sure you understand BPT's concept correctly by refert to urls such as below.



Hi Tom Jhao,

would you tell the use case where we have to use the BPT i mean a scenario where task can not be done if we don't use the BPT.

Hi Abhinav Shilwant,

BPT processes runs asynchronously which mean it runs in a different transaction

When a BPT process is triggered, it would run asynchronously on the background and the user doesn't need to wait for the process to finish to continue to work on the application.

Using the example above, when Process1 is launched, it would immediately run Action1 even if Process1 is not yet done. One of the use case for this is bulk operations. For example, when a button is click to send an email to multiple users, we will need to launch a process to send those emails asynchronously or "on the background" and with this the user won't need to wait for all the emails to be sent before proceeding to another action.

On the other hand, Server actions runs synchronously which means it runs in single transaction.

When a Server action is triggered, it would run synchronously and it would require one action to be finished before proceeding to the next action/node.

Using the same example above, when the flow is already on Action1, the application will need to wait for the Action1 to finished before proceeding to Action2.

There are more features in BPT (such as the LaunchOn attribute, and Taskbox) but I suggest you should look up to the links that Márcio and Tom provided for additional references. Additionally, you can visit this courses for BPT Processes:

Asynchronous Data Processing with Light Processes Course - Training | OutSystems
Building Your First Business Process Course - Training | OutSystems

This blog could also be helpful. It tackles the synchronous and asynchronous :) 

 hope this helps


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