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Hi Software Engineers,

I'm doing one of Invoice Systems with dropdown select widget Items and finally this all saved  items want to export PDF.I created web block with different items inclusive dropdown widgets. And then this web block reused Invoice Web Screen.

When I exported to PDF, it couldn't show MainItem Name , Item Name (used Dropdown Select widget)data.I'll attach oml and screenshot.

Please check it out.

Kind Regards, 




Hi Hayasaka,

You need to save the values you choose on the dropdown to the database so when you click Export, the information can be fetched from the database.

My suggestion would be to whenever you change the value of the dropdown, you save that value on the database. You can do that setting an action on the On Change option of the element and then saving that value in the database.

When using this option, if the user refreshes the page, s/he will see the inserted value on the dropdown since it was saved in the database.

Kind Regards,

Hi Joao,

Thank for reply and perfect explanation.

After updating TableRowSave Action,exported as PDF. In there, data showed correctly,but I couldn't see obviously this all text data .The next problem is when I refresh , this drop down item couldn't refresh.

Can you check it out?

Thanks and Kind Regards,



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