Bulk upload of images and videos to a specific google drive account
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Hello i am having some trouble at work as we want to bulk upload images and videos related to specific products and save them to a specific google drive account. Still haven't found a way to do it.

Any thoughts?


Lourenço Matalonga


Hi Lourenço,

Can you tell us what you already tried to do, and why that didn't work? Because it'd be a waste of time for us to suggest things you tried but didn't work out for valid reasons.

So basically we found a way to do it but not via bulk. Just single upload and save single file into the drive. But with our current process it does not work for bulk upload and save into drive folder. Then i researched the forum for a solution and found nothing. So that is where i stand now. 

I am able to do multiple file upload into a temporary entity in OutSystems but i don't know how to save that into the google drive account and just keep the url of the file in the OutSystems db.


Mmm, still not quite understanding where your problem lies. I assume you use a Forge component for storing a file in Google Drive? If you have the files in the database, you can query them, use a For Each to store them in Google Drive, and store the location of the file in the OS database?

Thank you for your help. I finally got it working. Thanks.


Good to hear. Now I'm curious how you got it to work :).

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