flash integration

flash integration

I'm trying to develop a prototipe for to integrate a complex and heavy Flash as a core of the site. I'would like to know:
1) Agile can integrate it as an ajax?. 
2) How to it's better to manage it. (best practices).  I'm thinking that the Flash could be stored in a Repository (BD or folder ) in the server an each user should see his own flash file.
3) Can Agile interact with the Flash information (inside the object Flash there are a great amount of data).

Many Thanks in advance,

Hi Alfonso, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums. I hope you had a great Easter.

Let me try to answer to your question the best I can.

1) The Agile Platform can definitely display Flash content in its web applications. There is no need for Ajax. Check this topic and this other topic in our forums for some suggestions on how to do it.
2) In terms of best practices, I'd say it depends. Since I do not know the specificities of your application, I can't comment on the best way to do it, but why would you need one flash file per user? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Flash content runs in the end-users' browser, so usually each user will access a unique instance of the application. Is that not the case with your application?
3) I really do not know how to answer this. My initial reaction would be "yes", but I have never done it in the past.

I hope these help!


Paulo Tavares