Best practice to bind form to local variable or an aggregate in Reactive Web


I wanted to know what is the best practice for binding a form in Reactive Web, should it be bound to local variable or to an aggregate. I was searching and found this post -

But, it simply explains the difference between the two, not the best practices.

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Vaibhav Gijre


Hi Vaibhav,

Are you working on Traditional Web or Reactive?

There's no big difference between both. Usually, you only want to attach the structure if the aggregate doesn't suffice (e.g. your form has mashup data from multiple sources (e.g. multiple aggregates)).

There is a gotcha in Traditional Web though, and the post you mention is about Traditional Web, which is when refreshing a webblock with a form, you need to explicitly bind the query to the form on the Preparation. You can see in more detail here.

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Hi João ,

Thanks for the information, marking this as a Solution. I have also updated the original question, to mention, that I am working on Reactive Web. Trying to learn best practices for developing web and mobile apps. 

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