Why does not my 'When Published' timer execute when I publish?


I am trying to understand how the timers in OS work.

I created a very simple application with only one Timer that is set to 'When Published'

the action in the Timer is simply to write a log message whenever the action is run.

I publish the application (one module) but I never see the log at all.

So my question is: Are there any other conditions for the Timer to execute? 

My module is also included here in case anyone wants to check 




Hi Eyad,

GetUserId() returns 0 in the timers and business processes. Action will throw an exception if you give 0 as input parameter to GetUser action. Your flow is throwing an error and you can see this error on your service center. After throwing the error, your flow is not going to be finished. So, you can't see logs. 

If you remove GetUser function in your flow, your flow will work.



Yes that was the issue indeed

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