Create Chart and UI table from JSON object
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I have a JSON object converted from an excel sheet with no defined structure/entity and the requirement is to view this JSON in a table and chart in reactive app.

What I reached is that I need to create a defined structure to be able to convert JSON to a list.

the excel sheet is uploaded by the user and there is no defined structure for the excel.



I do have a partial solution for the mentioned use case - Generate Table with uploaded excel data.

See this demo screen RWA | Generate DynamicTable from excel data

Used Forge component: Excel Translator

JavaScript Code to generated table is referred from:

Refer to the attached .oml file.

I hope this helps you to frame the final solution.

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Thank you Benjith, it works
but also I need to draw a chart using the same  JSON, is there any javascript solution 


You're welcome, Gaber.

Could you share more information, like what type of chart are you referring to? is it a customized one? Did you make some progress in implementing the same so far, that you can share with us to help you better?

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Thank you for your help, Sam, I have multiple excel sheets like the attached below.

They will be uploaded from the user at the run time with a unique structure for each one so I can't create an entity or pre-defined structure for them, I will have to create a chart from this data, so I converted the excel to JSON and trying to pass this JSON to chart.

so my question is: Can I pass the converted JSON for each one of the excel to some JS code to create the chart dynamically based on the structure of the converted JSON

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