[Microsoft Login Connector Reactive] Callback Page not found
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I'm developing an app and I need to use this component. This is working well for azure registered users but for some reason i've received an error on callback page that says that's not found.

I did this configuration on Azure side:

And this one on Service Studio side:

Hope someone can help, thanks!

Hi Diogo,

I see in your first screenshot that the screen that is being redirected to is not the reactive callback page. So I'm not sure why that is. Some debugging should shed some light on that. 

I also notice that you fill in a few parameters that are not needed to fill in when you use a default configuration. Can you please test what happens when you clear the CallbackPageEspaceName and the CallbackPageName?

The configuration in Azure seems to be correct so that should not be the issue. 



Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the answer.

I clear the CallbackPageEspaceName and the CallbackPageName fields and nothing happened. Futhermore, I'm already being redirected to the correct page (as you can see in the screenshot), but I've got the same error.

I already compared the 2 links (this one and when I open the "CallbackPage" in browser) and they are the same.

If I set the code to 0 in the input parameters, the page is found and appears another error:

Could it be some configuration on "MicrosoftLoginConnectorReactive" module?


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