Error after upgrade plataform server

Hi all,
I just upgrade to last version of plataform server, and gives me a error when i open ServiceCenter
heres the error:

i can login in the service studio and publish, but can enter in the servicecenter.
Can anyone help me?
Hi João,

Well, the error you have states that there are some restrictions set to that folder that are preventing you from opening it.

If what Joop suggested doesn't cut it, see if these two questions point you in the right direction as well:

Are you accessing the folder in a local server? Do you have any security policies set up that restrict the access to Service Center?

Let us know if you find out more about it, or if you get it to work.


Paulo Tavares
Hi João,

I don't know if it helps or even if it's related with your problem, but that IIS error reminded me of a post I did a while ago about server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 installation. It seems that the post is far for closed but the error IIS gave after upgrading was somewhat similar to the one you posted.

Here is the post: