[September] Updates on OutSystems Documentation and Online Training

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Your devoted, Technical Knowledge team at OutSystems, have a passion for providing documentation and training to better enable your work with OutSystems.

In addition to providing new articles, we regularly gather information from several sources on how each page is being used and its overall score, based on your invaluable "thumbs up/down" feedback. We also take note of the written feedback we get from the Community. After gathering this information, we perform our own investigation to determine what we can do to make these pages more useful to you. Our goal is to help you find the information you need quickly so you can get back to creating awesome apps.

Here’s what is new and changed this month:

  • We updated the  content  about renewing a provisioning profile. This helps developers have up to date information about publishing their apps in the Apple ecosystem. To see the updates, check out More Information on Generating and Distributing Mobile Apps.

  • You can now use the expressions in the titles of the screens of Reactive Web and Mobile App. This lets you change the unique values that display in the browser tabs, bookmarks, and results from the search engines. We mention the option in the scope of search-engine optimization techniquesReact 16 is the default runtime in recent Platform Server versions. To allow some of our customers to test their apps before moving to the new runtime, we updated the page Technical Preview - Reactive Web and Mobile runtime on React 16. If you're running an older version of Platform Server, you still can activate the technical preview and ensure your apps are working correctly before updating to a newer version of Platform Server.

  • New edit functions available in the Camera Plugin. Users now have access to edit functions such as cropping, rotation, and flipping pictures in the app even though the original photo was taken using another device.    

  • Documentation about accessibility, now contains information about setting the language of a page, through the new multilingual features for Reactive Web and Mobile apps.

  • To help you design more secure apps, we clarified and highlighted that the Content Security Policy on the app level overrides the policy on the environment level. By design, this is the behavior of the platform. 

  • The document Apply Content Security Policy now contains information about generating frame-src directives, to let developers define sources for nested browsing contexts like iframe. 

  • We published the Workflow Builder errors documentation to help you quickly resolve error messages. There is a unique error code for each error, making it easier for our users to differentiate, search, and act on an error they are facing. We also improved the descriptions and fixed the formatting to make it easier for you to resolve these errors when building your applications. 

This month, TK addressed more than 50 feedback items submitted by users like you through our documentation and training sites. We corrected minor errors, updated outdated information, and clarified ambiguity to ensure you can rely on our content to help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few examples of articles that we added or improved:

Finally, no month is complete without updates to training.

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