Error importing structure from Sqlserver 2008R (SqlExpress) security

Error importing structure from Sqlserver 2008R (SqlExpress) security


I found this error trying to import entities (table structure from a Database.

Followed Sequence: Open Integration Studio/File / Import/Import Entities from Database / Welcome/(localhost User:admin Passw: admin) / Select Platform Database /Upload Entities (step 4 of 6). then --> Error reported.

Could anyone help on overepass this error?. Is it a bug?, What does it mean?.
Many thanks in advance, Alfonso ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error Error retrieving tables: ssServiceCenter.ExcptlntegrationStudio: The Platform runtime user has no permission to access database OSRuntime en ssServiceC enter.WebSeivices.Integratio nStudio.EntitylntrospectionGetTables(String username, String password, WORCEntitylntrospectionServerRecord server, WORCEntitylntrospectionDatabaseRecord database,WORCEntitylntrospectionTableRecord[]& tables) --- Fin dei seguimiento de ia pila de ia excepción interna --- [ Aceptar j
Hi Alfonso

The error you're bumping into is related to lack of database user permissions while accessing the selected database.

Can you elaborate if you're using the import wizard over Database Connection defined in Service Center, or are you using the import wizard over the Platform Server database, and then select another database catalog that exist on the same sql server instance as the OutSystems database catalog?

If it's the first, then, on Service Center under Adminstration -> Database Connections page, you need to confirm that the test connection for that database connection is working properly.

If it's the latter, then in order to have the Agile Platform to access another database catalog on the same SQL Server instance, you'll need to grant the database security roles datareader and datawriter to the OSRuntime user over the database catalog you wanna access. Then you can use the import wizard.

If in doubt, post some screenshots of the Import Wizard integration studio while slecting the database server and catalgo, so we can guide more accurately.


Miguel Simões João