Snowflake JSON result throwing 502 when deserializing
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Traditional Web, Mobile, Reactive, Service

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with handling large results from a query we pass into the snowflake connecter

When we limit the rows  in the query to a small number the data is handled fine. But the actual result without limits is very large (~1 mill + rows in snowflake / many more bytes)

The JSON result from the snowflake connector seems to come in fine but if we try to deserialize or do anything with the JSON result text (even just trying to get the length), the application throws a 502 error. 

I've also tried converting to binary but when the JSON result is passed into the function (TextToBinaryData(JSONResult)) I get the same 502 error

Any ideas on what is going on here and if there is a way to handle a result this large?

Our ultimate goal is to download the result as a csv, but we can't get passed the actual snowflake result being handled

I've attached an image as well. The app fails when attempting the deserialze 


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