How to add new options to "EnterpriseManager" folder tree?

Please provide instructions on how to add a new menu options and webscreen pages to EnterpriseManager folder tree.
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To add an application node use "CfgNode_SetApplicationNode"

To add a FrontOfficeEntry use, "CfgNode_SetFrontofficeEntry"
To add a link to the user management page, use "CfgNode_SetUserManagementEntry"

To add a BackOfficeEntry to the node tree, use "CfgNode_SetBackofficeEntry"




what about CfgNode_SetEMExtensionEntry, what does this do?

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the missing description is one best practice not followed... 

That action sets the configuration of the espace. You can see the details on the "Import Configuration" in your Enterprise Manager

Hello Ricardo

Set configurations? what type of configurations? example?