System table with themes


I am wondering if there is a system table that holds all the themes? 

I want to list all my themes available and I saw the dropdown in Service Studio and wondered where could I get the list that is feeding that dropdown.

Is there also a system table with all the modules that are a theme layer?

Has anyone found this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Clarisse,

I couldn't find a direct table with all themes, but you can query the eSpace references and get all themes that are used in your factory:

The result:


  FROM (
SELECT {Espace_Reference}.[Name] Name,
       {Espace_Reference}.[Producer_Name] Producer_Name
  FROM {Espace}
  JOIN {Espace_Version} ON {Espace_Version}.[Id] = {Espace}.[Version_Id]
  JOIN {Espace_Reference} ON {Espace_Reference}.[Consumer_Version_Id] = {Espace_Version}.[Id]
 WHERE {Espace_Reference}.[Kind] = 'Theme'


Hi Victor,

I recently found that connection. It is not a perfect solution but it will have to do. 

It is not perfect because if my theme it is not referenced by other espaces (modules) then they won't show up in this list. And if I do reference them but I am not using it in the module that reference can be lost with a simple "Remove unused references". 

But well, it is something that I will have to take into consideration when using this method (maybe I will use a dummy flow just to ensure the theme is always referenced).

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