"window.close();" works on laptop but not on tablet
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.12.0 (Build 30456)

I close a webpage by calling RunJavaScript server action with the command "window.close();"  It works correctly but not on an android tablet.  ( I have also used this but with same results: "window.open('','_self').close();")

Does anyone know of any reason why this should be the case?



Hi @Leon Holmes,

windo.close() javascript will not work in some modern browsers due to security reasons. I tested the script is running perfectly with IE. 

Refer : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41562345/self-close-or-window-close-not-working-on-chrome-and-firefox


Thanks, Aadhavan S

Thanks Aadhavan.

I do not have a problem closing the window in Chrome.  My application works perfectly. But, when using a mobile or tablet (logging on to a webpage) it won't close.  The article you refer to does not seem to apply to mobiles or tablets, i.e., IOS or Android operating systems.  This is really what I need help with.




did you find solution ? 


Tejas M

Hi Leon Holmes ,

If you find the solution for this please do share with community members.


Shehroze khan


I have not yet found a solution.


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