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when i am developing an application I had below questions in my mind related to architecture of outsystems.Thank you if any one able to clear my doubts -

1. Which module is in which layer? If I have server actions then i can create it in service module as well as in Library module, Which one is correct as per architecture it is under which layer?

2. If I have more than 50 screens then size of module will go beyond 4 mb so how to reduce that.? If separate into multiple module is answer then how to remove the monolithic module warning in architectural database?

3. In my aplication if I am not using any external systems then my application will only have 2 architecture layer? Core and End User Module?

4.If Outsystems is caring about the architecture then why we are not getting warnings or error while developing. example - When I created one server action and forgot to give description then it needs to give warning there, It is giving in Architecture Dashboard.   

5.How Agility is calculated in Architecture Dashboard?

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1. There is plenty of OutSystems documentation and training material that explains this in detail.

2. Indeed by splitting the module in multiple modules based on concepts. 

3. No not perse, there can still be a need for foundation layer modules applications. For example because you use a business agnostic module in your application. 

4. Good question, ideally all that Architecture Dashboard does would be fully integrated in Service  Studio. For now it is not, these are product  decisions that OutSystems makes, we can guess for the reasons behind it. Most likely it is like this for them to more easily implement it and introduce this functionality in a performant solution separate from Service Studio.

5. There are no features in OutSystems that support that.



Really Thank you Daniel,

Just one question.

1. How to resolve Monolitic module warning in Architecture Dashboard.

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Hi Abhijeet,

this topic is very interesting to learn more about OutSystems:


There you can find this piece regarding Monoliths:

Monolithic web UI module

Applies to Traditional Web apps only.

Module has too many end user interfaces.

A monolithic End-user or Orchestration module with too many Screens probably contains too many business processes inside with independent lifecycles. The module becomes very large and causes unwanted impacts on maintainability and release management.
How to fix
Identify the independent UI flows, with no destinations among themselves, and separate them in multiple Modules.

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Thank you J.

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