Email to specified list of contacts

Email to specified list of contacts


I am new to the comunity and i have been trying to make an aplication that imports a list of contacts with their preferences and then, acording to their preferences automaticly send an email to each group of preferences just like online stores marketing apps do.

I have been successfull in creating the contact lists and importing the contacts as well but i have found myself in a deadlock when trying to create the emailing part of it.

I have seen most tutorials that relate with emails but so far i havent been successfull doing it.
Any help would be welcome,

thanks in advance
Hi Daniel, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Exactly what problems are you running into? Do let us know - and if you manage to attach your eSpace, the better!


Paulo Tavares
I have an aplication very similar to outsystems SalesAssistant where i have a list of contacts
each contact has 3 areas of interest

Now what i want to know if it is possible to implement a create email screen where i can type the text and then email it automaticly to the contacts of a specific area of interest.

My problem is exactly the email feature, all the tutorials i found didnt show how to do this

Hi Daniel,

Well, without many more details, my main question is if you looked into our How To section. They have a How To that details the process of sending an e-mail through a web application.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Daniel,

Is your problem in the email account configuration? For this feature to fully function you'll need to configure all things related to the email account to be used by the platform in your Service Center.

In Service Center go to "Administration" and then "Email", and all the properties will be there.

Hope it helps,
Hermínio Mira
Ok i finally understood how this send e-mail works i guess i wasnt really following the tutorial's path.

Now i am facing another problem that actually doesnt happen in the tutorial.

when i create an entity (contacts) and i create a Email, i am prompt to specify a subject.
What should i insert in this field?

the field is highlighted in the printscreen attached

Hi Daniel,

In the field subject you can put what you want to send as subject of this email.
See the attachment.
Nelson Baptista
Ok thank you every thing is ok now

If possible i just need something else.

I have configured myself in service center the email server, port etc... plus the server configuration

In the aplication itself there is no problem when i send an email but they dont reach their destination i am not sure why

is there a special configuration or any other configuration that works (i mean a general config that works everywhere)

Hi Daniel,

take a look at this post, maybe it will resolve your configuration problem. 

Miguel Antunes
Every thing if fixed now i send emails from my application without any problem.

Although i can customize the emails, they are made on service studio, is there a way i can implement a screen to input text?
Similar to the one we use to reply each other here on the forum

Thank you for the help