Multi-team reuse

I am setting up several Core Modules that contains various REST Calls, theme designs, and other components.
I want to make these modules able to be referenced by other teams, but i do not want them to be able to edit my modules.

How can I accomplish this?

When I tried it, the only way they could publish their applications that depended on my modules was to give the access to my modules, which they could then edit. Which I do not want to allow them to do. As it might result in them breaking or modifying another groups applications that also depend on my modules?


Hi Benjamin,

First I would advice you to read 

Then you need to create a team in lifetime for the applications of the modules the other team is only allowed to reference, open or debug, so the ones your team maintains. Add your team members to this team with at least Change and deploy Applications permissions. 

And the developers that are not allowed to change.or publish the modules with Open and Debug Applications permissions.



@Daniël Kuhlmann That actually worked really well.
I guess that leads to a second question of how to manage this at scale?

If we have 400 developers and lots of teams, each developer would need to be added to a team and then given "developer" rights in their team's applications and "Open and Debug" in the Core Shared Applications so they can reference them. 

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