How to get id_token from the redirect url?

I am stuck on the implementation of the OpenID flow. We have our own Identity Provider that uses OpenID.
As you see, I have successfully logged in, and I am successfully landing on the redirect page.

The id_token is right in front of me on the address bar of the browser and when I copy and paste in a JWT decoder, then it shows me the information I need, like the email address of the user that just logged in.

But how do I read that token programmatically? It is not given back by the GetBookMarkable() function. Neither is it returned when I add id_token as an input parameter to the webscreen.

What am I missing...??

Thx for any help


Hi Jan,

You can use Javascript and parse any data you want.

I hope it works for you.



Yes, this brings me a step further. Thanks!

But to be honest, it is a bit of a dirty trick that I need to do a workaround in javascript to get OpenID authentication working.

Hi Jan,

You already get data from the URL. I don’t know your whole flow but I think there shouldn’t be a worry about using JavaScript in your case while reading data from URL. You can read the data and send it to server by using JavaScript and you can verify token on the server side.

Best regards,

Yes, it works. I could move the JWT token into a variable and decode it. Thanks a lot.

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