Random arrangement of buttons when loading the page?
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Hi all, is there a way to randomize buttons when loading a page? For example, I have a 4x4 matrix of buttons. Is it possible to randomize their position in the matrix?

Hello Michael Guenther,

I don't know if I understand, you have a matrix with 16 buttons? and when you click on a button you want to change its position, is that it?


Jorge Rodrigues

The change of position should happen, when the page is loaded.

Hi Michael,

I don't know what is the business case behind it, however you can create an entity with actions and call them in buttons list. We do this for our dynamic small workflows.



The idea is to be used in an Advent calendar. In the end, there should be 24 doors (buttons) behind which another action is hidden. The buttons are to be randomly rearranged when the page is opened, e.g. when the advent calendar is viewed daily. If the size of the buttons were also random (within certain limits), that would also be nice. The opening of a door should only be possible if it is the right day.

The whole thing is comparable to a random image gallery.


I ended up developing a 4*4 matrix where I have a popup that asks what position I want to change the button to. I'll send you the application as an attachment, it might help.


Jorge Miguel Rodrigues


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