[Ultimate PDF] UltimatePDF: Automatically update Chrome version (for security)
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes


We have been using the Ultimate PDF forge component for some months now and I think it works great!

However, we noticed that the Chrome (webbrowser) package that was downloaded months ago (by the component), is still being used by the component. In the meantime, we have gone from Chrome 88 to Chrome 94. The security department of our organization has made me aware that there have been some serious security bugs found in this old (88) version of Chrome.

I think it might be a good idea if Ultimate PDF was to automatically retrieve a new version of Chrome every once in a while, for example every 3 months. Instead of only retrieving Chrome when it is not yet present on the server (initial download) or corrupted somehow.

To prevent running an outdated version of Chrome with serious security bugs on the platform server, I think it would be nice if a new version was downloaded every X amount of time, or whenever the version number difference (between the version you already have locally and what is available online) is greater than Y.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and if this would be possible to implement.

Kind regards,



Hi Steven. Thanks for your idea.

Updating the Chrome version cannot be done automatically, since it could lead to differences in the output. There is also a chance that the Dev Tools protocol (which is used to orchestrate the browser) breaks compatibility in future versions, and if we upgrade automatically, it could break PDF generation completely.

So any changes in the version need to be done with proper regression testing.

You can upgrade to a newer revision at any time, by changing the default revision in the management application: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/11585/ultimate-pdf-management

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