Creating forms and inserting drop downs

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I need to clarify  like say suppose if we have a Company database containing the following fields  Company Name Company Address etc. How to create forms and insert a drop downs for all the fields in the entity  using traditional web 


You need to know what you want first and not supposedly, you will have your entity and in some ways sometimes you will have dropdowns or not. For example, if you are going to ask your employee if he likes more working remotely or at home or mix, you will need a static entity that will be connected to the company entity and when you are creating your form you will need to create a dropdown for that. 

But for example, if you drag and drop your entity to the screen you will see everything working as you want because there is referential integrity. To the input it will be the normals ones, they can be created automatically or you can do it manually, you just need to see if you are not picking a value from a set of values.

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Hi Shruti,

OutSystems provides scafolding which will acelerate the process of creating screens.

For your request you just need to create a UI flow and drag the entity to the flow twice. The first one will create the list of the records of the entity in a table, the second one will create a screen with a form to create/edit records.

Check this topic with more detailed info about it and try for yourself:


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