Error Log at Service Center

Hello All,

i have a timer which is executed every 5 minutes in order to update the database, based on a json response which is sent to an external endpoint.

Checking in Service Center, i get the below error 

I am trying to understand which is happening and the root cause of this error.

Any idea?

Hi @George M ,

It seems there is a mismatch between the response from API and the structure generated from the initial response from API.

Can you validate the response from API?

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Thanks for your reply. Let me guide how to validate the response from the API?

Note that all the other calls to the same API (around 1000 per day) works fine. Based on this, if my functionality had mistakes, then i get these errors for mine all calls.

Hi @George M,

You can compare the response by generating a new response with the REST API URL.

  1. Paste the REST API URL into postman or create a new sample OutSystems application services
  2. Test the API and get the response (let us assume 'A')
  3. You will already have the response in the existing application REST API method (let us assume 'B')
  4. Compare A and B. Check if there are any difference between them.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks, Aadhavan S


It seems that the format json result responsed from the API is not matched with the structure you defined. You can try to format and validate the json result with jsonformatter. And please pay attention that whether the json result is a list or a record.

How can i validate the json result. Let me guide me please.

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