Get Index where data is not set - blank excel rows

I am iterating over an excel file using widget - convertfromExcel.

i have a excel file with filled rows but in the middle of those rows i can have a row with no data.

i want to know the row index  where i don't have any data.

Currently, i am using ConvertfromExcel and this widget retrieve  just the filled rows , overwhelming the blank rows.

So, if i want catch other error through the next row after i find one blank row , my index will be wrong.

Do you have ideas, how can i know the real excel row index through a excel file with blank rows in the middle of the excel rows range?


Hello @Luis Gefferen,

I was able to confirm your scenario using the 'ExcelToRecordList' widget if that is the widget you were referring to by 'ConvertFromExcel'? It does ignore the empty rows in an excel file.

I am not aware of any components that may help in this case, but just wanted to suggest a work around. Is modifying the excel document a viable option for you? If so, adding a new column to hold the index number value may be one way to go to ensure there are no empty rows and to be able to associate the empty data with an index number easily.



By viable option, I meant to ask if processing the excel file was a one time event or if you will need to process such files frequently. If frequently, then the additional sequence number column will need to be generated by the process that creates the files.

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