[OutSystems UI Web] GetBrowser() returns 'chrome' in Edge and Opera
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Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.12.0 (Build 48966)

When using GetBrowser() in a Traditional Web application, it returns 'chrome' in Chrome, but also in Edge and Opera.

I am now using a workaround that uses GetUserAgent(), and checks for 'edg' or 'opr' in the return value. But I wonder what I'm doing wrong with GetBrowser(), is it supposed to detect Edge and Opera?

Kind regards,


Hi Eva,

You may want to check for more details about the user agent:

Hope it works for you.


Edge, Chrome, and Opera are all built off the Chromium engine these days. Generally speaking that should mean compatibility (which I am guessing you're using this check to figure out) should be the same on those browsers anyways. Can I ask what the use case is for doing the browser check?

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