List options on a Edit Webscreen

List options on a Edit Webscreen


I am service studio newbie and I am developing my first application.
Here is the issue.
I want to add a set of option checkboxes to a edit webscreen.
The checkboxes are based on the records of a diferent table, meaning, each checkbox represents a record of that table.
The attached picture examples what I want to do.

Is this possible to do in Service Studio? If yes, how can I do it?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Pedro,

I'm assuming the table you want to list as checkboxes has some kind of boolean attribute, right?

If thats the case you do a simple query in the preparation to get the records on the table.
Then on the screen add a List Records with that query as source and a checkbox and expression inside. Like in my image.

That will create a pair of checkboxes/captions per line, one for each of your records.

Edit: as current limitation List Records are not supported inside Edit Records, but you can just place it outside and make sure the "Parent Edit Record" of the checkbox points to your Edit Record... or put it inside a Web Block.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thanks a lot for your help.
Worked like a charm.
Hi João,

Just a question regarding your last comment: If I inserted the List Records into a web block, how do I save it when I press save in the Edit Record?

Thanks a lot for your attention
I would like to know the answer to João Carvalho question also.

If these two are the standard approach to include a list of records in a edit record (in my case a check box list also with variables from a table), how to control the child web block to make it save the records it has at the same time you press the parent edit record button?