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Hello everyone.

I want to show inside my popup an embed code that allow the user to see pdf/video/image.

I already achieve that, but, sometimes, if I'm trying to open a large PDF, it doesn't work.

In my logic, i'm using a embed code:

The Source variable is generated by my logic, that returns me the base64 url, but, when I'm trying to open a large PDF, the HTML is rendered, but I can't see nothing on my popup.

Do you have an idea to help me?



I suggested that you use a forge component, maybe it can solve the problem. I leave the link of the component I usually use. Hope this helps. 


Jorge Rodrigues

Hi Jorge, 

this component is not available for me? 

This works exaclty I'm doing in my embed code...Tried with this component and sometimes the PDF is not loaded...


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